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Carly Rogers decides to "Blame it on the Wine"

Carly Rogers may be from small town Bennigton, Vermont, but she’s been taking Nashville by storm in the last few years since she moved there at age 17 to pursue her musical dreams. Her duet “Cowboy” with rapper Ryan Upchurch helped her get a #1 album on the Billboard charts, and she’s collaborated with other artists as well. Her local tours have taken her through every state East of the Mississippi River and other parts of the US so far.

Her recent release “Blame it on the Wine” is at first a quiet song, focused on acoustic guitar with some keyboard and light percussion behind it to support her pure vocals. It deals with the ambiguity of a new relationship and wondering where you stand. She mentions watching the signs and trying to decide what to do, rehearsing what to say, and wondering if he feels the same as she does.

The chorus perks up, with some harmonies from Allie Colleen, and adds some drums and electric guitar.

I want to take my time and look into in your eyes

Got me feeling like I can’t slow down

On the verge of my control, babe, I’m letting go

So if you don’t feel the same, you gotta let me know

I’ll just blame it on the wine

The second verse continues the barroom conversation she’s having. She says, I let my friends leave, so I could use a ride. This night feels different, so can I stay and spend more time with you? She hesitates and affirms that she’ll blame it on the wine if she makes a mistake.

After the rocking chorus, Carly and Allie take turns singing the title lyric with just an acoustic guitar behind them. They launch back into the chorus with a slight melody change to keep it fresh. The song ends with a keyboard and acoustic guitar echoing the melody. It's a fun song with lots of changes, just like a new relationship.

Click here to listen to “Blame it on the Wine

Song Credits:

Writers: Carly Rogers, Patrick Britt

Producer: Jesse Triplett

To Stay Connected with Carly Rogers: Instagram|Facebook|YouTube

Learn more about Allie Colleen: Artist Website

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