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Casey Kearney’s “Was It You Was It Me” released April 29th, 2022

Casey Kearney is a “fresh take on the country music scene.” Her songs have a combination of the “sweetness of a southern bell and the steel backbone of a strong country woman.”

Casey started to discover a passion for singing, songwriting and learning to play instruments while balancing her family life and growing babies. Through time, she has grown and developed her unique voice and creative sound to become a mature, natural performer with contagious energy.

Casey's new single “Was It You Was It Me” is a dancey, sassy, and fun jam which truely speaks for itself:

I’m not fragile like a flower, I’m more tik-tok like a bomb. If you think I’m sugar sweet, boy you read me wrong. You may think this is heaven, but give it time you’ll see. You’ll be asking which one’s crazy, was it you or was it me?

This edgy song strays away from the typical country love song. Casey adds her own spin and edge to the idea of potential romance with a fun, crazy, and unpredictable side. Casey gives us some amazing modern country vocals with pop elements combined with rhythmic electric guitar to create this wild song. If you’ve ever met someone who makes you feel a little crazy and not just those typical sweet and fragile romantic feelings we all see in the movies, this one’s for you.

Song Credits

Songwriters: Casey Camille Kearney

Listen to “Was It You Was It MeHere

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