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Clayton Shay’s Latest Single “Island”

Clayton Shay is from Illinois, but has been working in Nashville since 2018. He focuses on songwriting, and his studio singles have accumulated millions of streams. He also releases videos with his music, three of which landed on CMT.

Clayton knows how to entertain large crowds, opening for national acts and touring across the US and Canada.

With the steel guitar invoking that Hawaiian feel, and a reggae beat, Clayton's latest single "Island" transports you right along with him. His lyrics say he's going to swipe his credit card and worry about learning the language when he's dancing rumbas in his tropical destination.

When I go wheels up and i touch down

In a low tide seaside kind of beach town

With palm trees and strong drinks

And a couple thousand miles between her and me

I really didn't think this through, I know

Put me on the next flight and i'll go

Just hoping that I land somewhere on an Island

For a man recovering from a break up, he's got a great idea. Don't take any luggage, just packing a broken heart, and book a spontaneous trip to the first place he can get to. He says he'll play roulette with a passenger jet and take a one way flight, and maybe he'll end up on his feet on some white sand. I can almost smell the suntan oil on his "Island" now.

Clayton knows how to deliver a song to get the crowds going and well, he has certainly done it again with "Island." It definitely has a commercialism to it that is sure to appeal to the masses, especially with that summer-time vibe we all look for this time of year, whether you're going to an island vacation or just driving down the highway with the windows down.

To Listen to “Island” click HERE

Song Credits:

Performed By: Clayton Shay

Written By: Andrew Capra, Clayton Shay Widmer and Dan Harrison

Produced By: Colt Capperune

To stay connected to Clayton Shay”

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