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Eric Lee & Cole Hartley remind us that we fly "One Flag"

South Florida native Eric Lee grew up listening to multiple styles of music, from folk and country to southern rock. His first single was released in 2020 and immediately hit millions of streams.

Eric has been busy writing and producing for other artists, as well as licensing music for TV, film, and ads. In 2018, he produced and co-wrote the song “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been,” performed by Kaleena Zanders, which was featured during the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics.

Alpine, Utah native Cole Hartley got his first guitar at the age of six and has been playing ever since. He feel in love with songwriting during his junior year in highschool and loves the country greats like George Strait to todays country of Luke Combs and Eric Church.

In addition to writing songs and recording, Cole also performs both in a solo acoustic capacity, and with several bands. He has been fortunate enough to open for legends like Lonestar, Dean Dillon, Brice Long, and more.

Eric & Cole's newest release “One Flag” was created during Memorial Weekend this year in Nashville. Eric and Cole co-wrote the song to unite people during divisive times. Even though it is aimed at an American audience, the guys want the music & lyrics to represent anyone across the globe.

One Flag” opens with a classic country sound, dobro, and pedal steel guitar layered over the traditional guitar, bass, and drums. Eric and Cole share lead vocals, both with their southern drawls blending together in smooth harmony. The instruments quiet down when the men are singing that people of different backgrounds each have their own stories, their own beliefs, and their own joys and sorrows.

O say, can you see, better times are rollin’ in

We might see things different, but let tell you my friend

There’s one flag in this country that waves for everybody

Trying to make it through the week to the weekend

Trying to find a little love and catch some feelings

There’s more we got in common that we forget too often

United we cannot fall

Yeah, there’s one flag waving for us all

The second verse carries the theme that since we’re all God’s children, we should be able to see the goals we can each be proud of. We need to identify each other as heroes instead of villains.

The way they trade off lead vocals and harmony is an example of setting our differences aside and working toward a common goal. If you reduce the volume and just listen to the lyrics, it’s hard to realize that you’re hearing two different men.

After the second chorus, there’s a brief instrumental section before they each sing one line of the bridge:

Even though we might be singing about the red, the white, the blue

Anywhere you are in the world now, this song right here’s for you

The instruments drop out, so we can focus on the lyrics as they sing the chorus again.

Country music has, by definition, leaned toward being patriotic throughout the 20th century. It’s about our relationship with our country, our land, our farms, and our families. It’s great to see young people singing songs like this one in today’s political climate, particularly in an urban city rather than a rural environment. It’s not pandering at all, but genuine and heartfelt, when these guys tell us that we can stand together when we intentionally unite.

I’m glad folks like Eric Lee and Cole Hartley are here to remind us that we all share “One Flag.”

Click here to listen to “One Flag

Song Credits:

Writers: Eric Lee McNeely & Charles Cole Hartley

Producer/Mixer: Maks Gabriel

Drums: Caleb Gilbreath

Pedal steel and dobro guitar: Josh Matheny

To stay Connected to Eric Lee:

Artist's Website | Instagram | Facebook

To stay Connected to Cole Hartley:

Artist's Website | Instagram | TikTok

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