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Feature Release: Celine Ellis - Leave The Light On

Welsh-born artist Celine Ellis has made quite the name for herself in the UK’s independent music scene. With her unique, captivating melodies and soulful storytelling, Ellis takes inspiration from everyday experiences, combined with self-vulnerability to produce songs that connect with her listeners.

2021 was an incredibly successful year for the talented songwriter, who saw international radio play, BBC Introducing support and a #6 iTunes Chart peak for “Fallen Angel”. She has also taken her stories on the road, performing at a number of festivals across the UK, with some big shows in the pipeline for 2022. A powerhouse on stage, Celine delivers more than your average singer with an acoustic guitar, imparting a full range of emotions within her songs and performances.

“Leave the Light On” has already become a favourite among her fans, with its catchy melodies and punchy chorus. Lyrically, the song explores being 40-something, and how driving up and down the country playing shows, sometimes to an empty bar, has a different meaning. It also brings together that unwanted feeling of being away from a special someone for too long - “I think this is a real universal feeling and why this song has really struck a chord with audiences wherever I have played it” [Celine Ellis].

Whilst holding true to the sound of Celine's music as a collective, this track adds an additional dimension with it's powerful guitar-driven melody, and sing-along style that will no doubt be an anthem for summer festivals, and have you up on your feet! Oh, and try not to join in on the choruses...

Pre-Save Here.

Release Date: Friday 5th August

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