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Hueston’s Latest Release “One Nightstands”

Cory Hueston artist, songwriter, and producer based out of Florida, simply known as Hueston brings us a fun, sexy, and edgy country song with “One Nightstands” that just released on May 13, 2022.

“One Nightstands” is about how you think a night is going to be just one but can often times change, as “they turn into two.” Hueston tells a story about how a one night stand with a girl he knows is trouble and despite knowing that, he still continues on with the rendezvous because to him she “looked just like a dream.” This hints at the one night stand being more complicated than just a simple hookup.

Four walls are shaking

And I ain't complaining

Cat got my tongue

By the things she been sayin

She might be trouble

But she knows just what to do

When one night stands turn into two

This raw, edgy country song gives a twist and boldness that is not always seen in the genre. Just as much as lyrically the song is bold, the instrumentation choices are as well, delivering to the listener some sultry rock vibes while still maintaining that true country spirit. This song is the perfect anthem for that situationship or entanglement you can’t seem to let go of, even though you know you should. Hueston unapologetically delivers a story and feeling that many know all too well.

To listen to “One Nightstands,” click Here

To watch the official “One Nightstands” Video click Here

Song Credits:

Written By: Brandon Sammons, Cory Hueston

Produced by: Hueston, BSamz

Stay connected with Hueston:

Website | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | Facebook

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