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Hunter & Jordan make the next "48 Ours"

Updated: Feb 3

Tennessee duo Hunter & Jordan are a perfect combination for great country music. Hunter Jordan sings with a southern grit that matches Jordan Dillon’s smooth harmonies and rocking guitar, together the men bring a high energy to their stage show. Both songwriters, the team has opened for some big named musicians and have had their original music featured on Spotify playlists.

Their newest single “48 Ours” deals with life as touring musicians who miss their families. Guitar and fiddle provide most of the soundtrack, with their southern twang making the point. The duo’s website shows the slogan, “Write. Record. Tour. Sleep. Repeat,” and this love song reinforces their work ethic but shows their priority is family. Even for folks who don’t travel for work, “48 Ours” is a relatable idea about spending weekends with someone you love.

The first verse lists what he did each day, but by Friday, he’s off work and ready to be home for the weekend.

I’m gonna take the next 48 hours

Spin you around in some wildflowers

Kiss you 'bout a million times, lay you down

Your body on my body, nobody around

Baby, I’ve been missing me some you all week

Now that I got you close, I just want It to be

You and me for the next two days

Baby, let’s make the next 48 ours

The second verse emphasizes the importance of their time alone. He says they should leave the world outside, let their phones die, and just drop their clothes on the floor. He says the only thing that should be on either of their minds is each other for these two days.

The subtle electric guitar solo after the second chorus keeps the song from sounding like a sappy cliché. Hunter and Jordan sing quietly as they tell us that there’s no better way to spend the minutes. You can just imagine holding someone close while dancing to this fun song.

It’s a clever play on words to sing that we’ve got 48 hours, so let’s make it ours.

Click here to listen to “48 Ours

Song Credits:

Songwriters: Brian Davis, Cole Taylor, Dillon Keith, Sonny Hix, Jr.

Follow Hunter & Jordan at:

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