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Jacob Jones explains how his day "Ends in Why"

Nashville based Jacob Jones was born and raised a military brat with strong country roots from Alabama to Chesapeake, Virginia where he graduated high school.

Boasting over 100,000 streams on Spotify, and closing in on ten thousand followers on social media, Jacob’s growth as a contemporary artist rightfully reflects his devotion as a songwriter & performer. Presenting a clear focus on nineties-style lyricism & musical

progressions, Jacob freshly illuminates the possibilities that lie within story-focused, purposeful songwriting.

In his newest song, “Ends in Why”, Jacob uses a playful turn of phrase to become a sing along anthem. The song has a classic country sound, with steel guitar and a two-step rhythm. It’s a breakup song, but the kind that makes you cry in your beer. It's the kind that has enough electric guitar moving and keeping the tone light.

The first verse describes his week without her, waking up before the sun and having coffee on Monday, but hoping to stay in bed on Wednesday. He mentions being hung over in church on Sunday, sitting in the back row with a pounding head. And then the week starts over.

They all start a little different, but every day ends in Why

Why did she pack her bags up and walk on out

Why am I wondering where she is right now

Why did she take her key

Why did she choose to leave her favorite sweater by the door

Did her heart go and make her change her mind

How did she move on, and how much time will it take me to do the same

I can’t wait ’til the days don’t end in why

The second verse says that he finds he needs to stay busy, but then wonders if she misses him at night. There’s a great electric guitar solo followed by more questions in the bridge, although now he’s questioning himself. Why does it hurt to remember, and why can’t he sleep without her?

Musically, “Ends in Why” sounds a lot like a certain Garth Brooks hit written by Billy Joel. But the lyrics have a unique way of phrasing the common theme of not understanding why she’s gone, making it conversational and very southern. Making it rhyme doesn't seem important. Jacob did a great job of explaining why each day “Ends in Why.”

Click here to listen to “Ends in Why

Songwriters: Kaylin Roberson, Matt Gorman, Phillip Jacob Jones

Find Jacob on his socials at Instagram Facebook Twitter

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