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Jarrid Lee explains "That's How You Country"

Originally from St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. Jarrid Lee grew up in a musical family. His childhood memories include being backstage listening to his dad’s band, and his dad gave him an electric guitar when he was 12. Living in Saskatchewan, he’s been winning song writing competitions, playing in festivals, and sharing stages with some big named musicians all across the country when he’s not recording new music.

Jarrid’s newest single “That’s How You Country” represents small town America in an authentic voice. He mentions cow tipping, fishing by flashlight, being barefoot on a hardwood floor, and enjoying granny’s cooking. The rocking guitar keeps the song from feeling like a redneck cliché.

My country has a last call

It’s got the best damn colors in the fall

It’s a 20-hour day but that’s the price you pay

When you’re loving through it all

You can always bet your old boots

Out here we love to let loose

Some think it’s funny

But that’s how you country

The second verse is short, but mentions a pretty girl, a tailgate, a party band, stars on the water, and George Strait. That pretty much sums it all up.

“Whoa, oh, oh” is all he needs to sing for the bridge that leads into a steel guitar solo with a driving beat, followed by an electric guitar solo. The dancing rhythm is still there, and you can imagine being with your friends all singing along. The banjo comes out toward the end of the song, and you wonder if it’s been there the whole time.

Jarrid has a third section of the song that elaborates on the lifestyle in the country. He says that there’s no other way to live, just planting roots like an old oak tree and raising kids the same way. He adds like he’d die for his country, because “That’s How You Country.”

Click here to listen to “That’s How You Country

Songwriter: Jarrid Curtis Lee Poitras

Keep up with Jarrid at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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