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Jenna DeVries shares her "December"

Based out of Nashville, singer-songwriter Jenna DeVries has made a name for herself on both American Idol and America’s Got Talent. She launched herself into pop music, but went back to her roots during the pandemic, writing songs on her piano again.

Jenna’s new song “December” is a respite from all the chaos of the holidays. Her soothing alto voice and quiet arrangement shares Christmas memories and the feeling of missing a loved one who has passed. The song opens with just piano, and Jenna sings how you made our home merry and bright, and how you were at your best during the holiday season.

The song builds into the chorus, but uses the vocals and added harmony instead of drums and loud instruments. Piano and cello maintain a subtle backdrop for her pure breathy voice. It’s a perfect arrangement for an emotional and introspective song.

You were our December

With the twinkling lights when the world outside felt so bright

I remember how you made me feel

Like the magic’s real and time stood still

Even though I’m older and the world keeps growing colder

When the snow begins to fall, I still think maybe you might call this year

The second verse maintains the mood. Jenna sings that you dreamed of past Christmases, but adds that there’s a ghost of her trying to recreate memories. She mentions that she can’t live like that and realizes she can never go back to her former life.

Aside from the spot-on production, keeping this song simple and uncluttered, the writing is brilliant. The rhyming words hit the correct spot in the meter, but they don’t necessarily fall at the end of the lines. The lyrics flow like a conversation, and the pattern is lovingly crafted. For the poetry nerds, the chorus rhyme scheme is A B B B, A C C C, D D, E E A, and it ends without an obvious rhyme on the last word. And it’s perfect that way.

During the bridge, Jenna repeats "I wish that you were with us, maybe then I wouldn’t miss you," again rhyming internal words instead of forcing rhymes at the end of the sentence. Her vocalizing lends some rawness to the arrangement, letting the listener experience these emotions with her. While the holidays mean something different to each of us, we realize what happens to Jenna each “December.

To listen to "December" click here

Watch the video by clicking here

Song Credits:

Written By: Jenna Devries Mattoon

Produced By: Jen Miller & Pete Eddins

Keep up with Jenna DeVries: Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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