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Jered Ames brings us "Next to Tennessee"

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Jered Ames is the definition of an American Country Artist. He grew up in the Midwest, working on a family farm during the summers, learning to play music from his grandma, and then forming a band in high school to play live shows. During college, he played everything from rock to country in the Chicago music scene, and he has spent recent years in Nashville playing more than 200 nights a year around the city. He’s also found time to write songs that other singers have recorded.

Next to Tennessee” is Jered’s last single before his new full length album gets released in the Fall. Just like his other great songs, this one revisits the sound of 90’s country music.

It’s a lively song, perfect for a two-step. There’s a singable melody that sticks with you, layering steel guitar and fiddle around the vocals, and putting harmonies just where they should be.

He sings about reconnecting with an old love on the phone, and how they both are wishing they could be together in person.

Why can’t Texas be next to Tennessee

So that girl down there in Houston

is closer to me

Can we switch Louisiana,

Put Music City near the beach

Why can’t Texas be next to

Next to me in Tennessee

After the second chorus, there’s a brief musical interlude, and the fiddle takes a more prominent role when Jared sings the outro. The song stays fun and makes you pay attention since each section builds on the last.

His song is full of questions, but he says he knows what it would take to heal the heartbreak they each have. He announces that he knows where that girl should be – next to him in Tennessee. There’s no reason to repeat the questions in the chorus again. Let’s just rearrange the map so she can be "Next to Tennessee."

To Listen to "Next to Tennessee" click HERE

Song Credits:

Written By: Jered Ames, Luke Betchner

To stay connected to Jered Ames:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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