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Josh Logan’s “Raindrop” Released April 29, 2022

Josh Logan is a CMT and CCMA nominated Pop-Country singer & songwriter, originally from small-town Chester, New York. He has had a passion for country music and songwriting ever since he got his hands on his daddy’s guitar when he was 12 years old. By developing his songwriting skills over the years, Josh has earned legendary cowriting partners. I spoke with him recently about the release of "Raindrop" and he shared the following with me.

“ I wrote this with Preston and Chris from LOCASH along with another great writer named Jared Kiem. At the beginning of the writing session, Preston and Chris said that they were asked a really cool question recently in an interview: “where would you go if you were a raindrop?” So we all got to talking about that question and that idea and that’s what inspired the song. As a songwriter I’m always looking for a concept or a spin on something that I’ve never heard and I had never heard a song like this before so that immediately got all of us songwriters excited! We had such a blast writing this one!”

“I’d be hitching a ride on a cloud 9 drive

In a storm rolling out of the blue

Yea baby I would fall down on you

If I was a raindrop”

Musically and instrumentally, “Raindrop” is as catchy as it is clever and flirty. Josh, with his amazing country tone uses these fun lyrics metaphorically to paint you this picture of what it would be like to be a raindrop and where he would end up at as he sings to his love interest. The song is incredibly creative and unique. I love when an artist uses a play on words. Josh’s use of electric guitar in the beginning, when he sings of raindrops “tapping on a tin roof” indeed gives you the sense of hearing the rain fall. When the chorus hits and all of the instruments come in, it gives a very enjoyable vibe that I just wanna dance and sing along to.

It’s already on my playlist, so I would definitely recommend this as a perfect summer anthem!

To listen to “Raindrop” click HERE

To stay connected with Josh

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Song Credits

Writer(s): Christopher J Lucas, Jared Ray Keim, Josh Logan, and Preston Carroll Brust

Produced By: Stefan Lit & Jared Keim

Sources: Head Bitch Music & Position Music Publishing

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