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Kaylin Roberson is more than a "Placeholder"

Kaylin Roberson stays busy, and she has accomplished so much in her 23 years on this earth. Originally from Raleigh, NC, she has written more than 200 songs, but she works to inspire others through more than just her music.

When Kaylin was nine, she had serious injuries from a dog bite that scarred her face and forced her to have several surgeries. As a result, she was bullied frequently in school. By the time she was in high school, she was traveling across the US, speaking to students about chasing their dreams and standing up to bullies. When she was 20, she moved to Nashville to chase her own dreams.

Those dreams have landed her on CMT numerous times, as well as going to Hollywood with American Idol, and getting features on American Songwriter and Spotify's New Music Nashville and Fresh Finds in Country playlists.

In her latest song, “Placeholder”, Kaylin gives us her deep alto voice, quivering with emotion. The guitar picking and bass keep a strong solid rhythm, letting the vocals shine through with just a touch of slide guitar between the lines.

In the first verse, she mentions how she expected to meet the woman he was with again, but she expected to be the one he was with when they did meet. She writes with a clever turn of phrase, asking questions and admitting confusion like “she didn’t know who I am … and I don’t either

Was I just a time killer, a lonely night space filler

Laying in the spot that she left on her side of the bed until she changed her mind

Was I just in between, moving on a not quite ready to stop looking back

Wishing that you could hold her, Was I just a placeholder

In the second verse, she begins to piece together the reasons with lots of maybes and more questions, as stronger instruments and harmony add to the song. Did she misread a sign? Did he love her, or did he just love having company? Her melody has a conversational style, exactly like a woman would plead with herself in some kind of internal dialog.

The song maintains a commercial feel with harmony through the repeated chorus, but never quite sounds happy. The effect is flawless.

In the bridge, when she asks “Was I a temporary fix on your way to closure, was it ever really even over” with her, she begins to realize the truth.

In the third chorus, she changes the melody and adds some vocal echoes to show that she’s accepting that truth. She repeats the last line of the song, answering her own questions by saying, “Yeah, I was just a placeholder.”

Kaylin is definitely holding a place as one to watch!

Click here to listen to “Placeholder”

Song Credits:

Writers: Alison Elena Peratikos, Kaylin Roberson, and Peytan Kyliegh Porter

Producer: Zach Manno

To stay connected to Kaylin Roberson:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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