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Lee Newton owns her "Strength of a Woman"

Born and raised in Canton, NC, Lee Newton grew up singing in church and started playing guitar when she was seven years old. Her family played lots of country music in the house, and her parents told her she’d be performing on the Grand Ol’ Opry someday. By the time she was 20, Lee was also playing drums and singing in different bands, even singing backup in New York for some big names. Lee has won Josie awards for vocalist and album of the year, recently released an album of her favorite cover songs, and is releasing her first gospel album in the next few months.

From Newton's 2022 album of original music, "Unleeshed", her song “Strength of a Woman” is a modern song that sounds like a classic song we grew up singing. Her pure voice and southern drawl reminds us of the greats like Tammy Wynette and Emmy Lou Harris, but her lyrics could only be written in this decade.

The simple acoustic guitar floats around the pedal steel, with just enough drums to keep the song moving. Lee sings that she’s a warrior, getting through life. She gets knocked down, but she knows God is on her side. She reminds us that the sun will shine through dark times, and that we’ve always got a friend.

When you’re feeling low, don’t know which way to go

Life ain’t always supposed be this hard

Gonna get pulled down, and forget who you are

After the rain, the sun will shine again

That’s when your life will begin

You’ve got the strength of a woman

The second verse continues in that optimistic theme. Time might help the wounds heal, but the scars will remain, even after we’ve forgiven the ones who hurt us. She encourages us to make the right choice when we’re at the crossroads, and tells us to dust ourselves off when we fall in the dirt.

Strength of a Woman” is based on the universal theme of life being hard, but Lee doesn’t approach it like a victim. There’s no shifting blame, and no anger in the lyrics. Lee offers hope and tells us to rely on our own strength, our God-given strength. It’s a great lesson to share with our daughters, and our sons as well.

This song won’t be a sing along on a dance floor or a girl’s night out anthem, but the sentimental message will last longer than any beer buzz. Lee adds her own voice to the harmony and makes us feel safe at home in her music. Instilling confidence in others is part of the “Strength of a Woman.”

Click here to listen to “Strength of a Woman

Song Credits:

Songwriter: Brenda Lee Newton

Keep up with Lee at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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