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Lisa Black M.D’s “Brighter Than The Sun” - Released June 1, 2021

South Louisiana native, Lisa Black M.D is relatively new to the country scene in Nashville. Dr. Black is a private practice physician, single mother of 4, a cancer survivor, and very much a glass-half-full type of person. She believes that every

bit of her struggle has been necessary to become the person she is today, which is exactly why in 2020 she decided to pursue her musical dreams. In October 2021 she released her debut self-written album “Livin’, Lovin’, Losin.” Ten songs from made to touch your heart and move your soul.

Lisa wrote “Brighter Than the Sun” about her late father and the sweet endearing relationship they had with each other. The accompanying official video was released for Father’s Day on June 8, 2022. The video showcases the

song in a special tribute to the precious memories and the profound impact her father played in her life.

He was strong as a mountain

And Daddy’s hands were always kind

Raised me on the radio with

George Jones and Patsy Cline

I was his baby girl - I was his only one

HE could light up my whole world

Brighter than the sun

This song has that 90s classic country sound, with Lisa’s strong but tender, sultry vocals, and emotional lyrics that remind you of Trisha Yearwood. The instrumental arrangement complements the vocal track perfectly. This upbeat sentimental song pulls at your heartstrings as you relive memories with your dad or anyone who has brightened up your world that is no longer here. It can transport you back to the days of being a kid in your hometown on some back road. Definitely one for the playlist for the days when you’re feeling nostalgic or missing a loved one.

To Listen to “Brighter Than the Sun” click Here

To watch the official “Brighter Than the Sun” video click Here

Song Credits

Songwriter - Lisa Black

Music Composition - Joe Stark

Producer - Jed Seneca

Session Musicians - Hilltop Studios

To stay connected with Lisa Black MD Singer-Songwriter Click Here

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