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Loraine Moxham is convinced that she is "Worth It" (Song of the Day 9-1-22)

California native Loraine Moxham started writing poems as a young child, then began writing songs once she learned to play guitar at age 11. She’s been singing on stage ever since. Earlier this year, she was able to quit her day job just to focus on her music. She records in Nashville and plans to release a new single every 6-8 weeks.

Her newest song “Worth It” was released in August. Loraine says, “Worth It is about a past relationship I was in. He was an addict and put me through a lot. I wrote this song for closure for myself and to tell myself I was worth so much and I didn’t deserve to be treated the way I was treated.”

It has a simple arrangement of piano and subtle strings to support her strong vocals, with very light percussion to start the chorus.

You always planned your life without me

And maybe it's my fault for enabling

I would go through the darkest places to find you

I took my heart and pushed it aside for you

You′re my vice and I'm your drug

But sometimes love just isn't enough

Baby, I don′t deserve it.

I was worth it

She goes straight into the second verse, discussing how her life was with him. She mentions that he has passed, and she hopes he found peace. She sings the chorus stronger the next time, as if she’s coming to terms with how her life was during her years with him. The piano gets more intense to match her heartfelt vocals. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough, but she's come to realize that she is "Worth It."

Click here to listen to “Worth It

Song Credits:

Writer: Loraine Moxham

Instruments: Morgann David, piano and BGVs

David Dorn, synth

Paul David, guitar

Producer/Mixer: Paul David

Master: John McClaggan

To Stay Connected to Loraine Moxham:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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