Mikki Evans says no more living "Rent Free"

Mikki Evans is from the West Midlands in the UK, and has been performing on stage since she was young. Recently, she’s played in The Country Chix band, and she released solo music that quickly hit the UK Country charts.

Mikki’s new single “Rent Free” showcases her vocal range while making a break-up sound fun and danceable. The instrumentation has a bluegrass sound layered over a rock beat, which comes together like an anthem you just can’t help singing along.

The first verse mentions how she had to let him go in order to be free herself, so she’s throwing out his belongings with the trash. It’s time to quit running and deal with the past.

You’re everywhere I turned, took a while to learn, I’d let you go to set me free

I’d almost given up, but I’d had enough with the thought of you being stuck

Living in my head rent free, no space for me, feel I can’t breathe

Tired of the same old song when it’s feeling wrong and so out of key

You turn is done, you’ve had a good run, this is notice of your eviction

I’m taking back the key, now you ain’t gonna be, living in my head rent free

In the second verse, she says she is done wasting time, and the days of him standing in her way are gone. She can’t handle him hanging around inside her head.

Mikki has a fun, creative way to rhyme her lyrics, using three phrases per line and rhyming words within a line. In school, we call that structure AAB, CCB. But she takes it a step farther, adding more rhymes within her pattern. Artists who were raised on rap music tend to use multiple rhymes, but Mikki has a great voice and holds notes to emphasis her lyrics, something that shows she was actually raised on country music.

After the second chorus, she quiets down a little, saying that pain comes with love, but she isn’t going to accept a man in her head like that again. She sings the opening line of the chorus with just percussion behind her voice, then takes a breath and launches into the full band playing the whole chorus.

The song ends with just her voice, clear and strong, as an affirmation that he is no longer in her head “Rent Free.”

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