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‘Newcomer of the Year’ Ben Selleck released “Mayday Call” Monday, April 11th

Ben Selleck is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Essex, UK He is vocally inspired by the soul legends of yesterday such as Al Green and Marvin Gaye. Lyrically, he’s inspired by the likes of The Eagles, James Taylor, and Brothers Osborne. Ben has always had a love of music and the lockdown has rekindled his love of songwriting, specifically country music.

Ben states “The country genre has always been close to my heart and the UK scene, particularly during this pandemic, has inspired me creatively like never before. It led me to write an album worth of simple songs that tell stories about my life in ways I could never have portrayed as a younger man.”

Despite only releasing his debut single ‘Different Sides’ in 2021, Ben’s audience and his music have skyrocketed! In just under a year, the singer-songwriter has already released a #1 UK iTunes Single, been nominated for a number of awards, and took home Newcomer of the Year at the UK Country Music Spotlight Awards.

The inspiration behind his brand new single ‘‘Mayday Call” came from someone taking their partner for granted - picking up the phone and wondering whether it really is all over this time. Ben states, “Instrumentally, the single represents a rockier side to my sound and is one of my favorites to play live.” and that his “absolute favorite part is the guitar solo. Not only does my producer & guitarist (Adam Wright) really pull out the stops for a wonderful melodic solo, but I love the unconventional bass line too (played by Paul Beddow).”

“Essex might be the next Nashville, with yet another star rising from it’s clutches”


“From its acoustic creation, to its rewrites with the super talented Tara Henton, and to the addition of guitar solos, it's given me surprises every step of the way.”

[both quotes from Scarlet River PR]

Ben Sellick’s “Mayday Call,” gives an amazing nostalgic rock sound, adding an amazing dimension to the country genre. The song speaks of a relationship ending with Ben referring to the regret of what all went down as his “Mayday Call,” as his love has now found someone else. Using this airplane reference really adds a lot of emotion regarding the extent of the toll that the relationship took on him. The plane and sky metaphors align beautifully with his message and add a wonderful layer of poetry. Lyrically it is cleverly constructed as well as extremely catchy. Ben’s vocals are an amazing combination of both rock and country and though the topic of the song is sad, its upbeat nature makes it the perfect song to dance and sing along too. Truly a song worth listening to.

To listen to Mayday Cool, click here



Ben Sellick

Tara Henton

Producer: Adam Wright

Source: Summerhouse Records

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