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Nikita Madeline Skogen’s “Once An Angel” released June 17, 2022

Norwegian country singer-songwriter Nikita Skogen who has already seen many successes including being in the top 10 for her debut single at the WSA and being featured on She Wolf’s top 50 artists to watch in 2021. Nikita says Nashville has her heart and is excited to be working with Nashville producer Davis Branch.

Her Latest single “Once An Angel,” which released June 17th is deeply rooted in her personal experiences. Nikita Tells us “When I wrote this song I was going through a tough time. I had this person in my life that I thought was everything I had ever wanted. It all was so sweet in the beginning and the person was perfect to me. But as time went on, this person changed more and more, and at the end I couldn’t recognize this person anymore. From being the sweetest angel to ending up being someone I was afraid of from time to time.I kept holding on to the good memories, hoping that person would come back, but never did.That’s the point where I understood that things would never be better and that this person couldn’t be a part of my everyday life anymore. So with this song I am getting my anger out, but at the same time it’s kind of a ‘moving on’ song. I think people can relate in many ways, if it’s from a relationship, a friendship, family or friends.

“Now hell is empty

And the flames are burning out

The devil has woken

And he’s right where I’m about

His name means danger

And he’s acting like a stranger

But remember the devil was

Once an angel”

The introduction has a captivating pushing and pulling rhythmic feel which gives the listener a sense of expecting the unexpected which is conveyed through the song’s message of someone appearing to be something they are not. Each instrument perfectly supports Nikita’s voice and emphasizes on just the right parts. A subject that too many overlook, Nikita is bringing important conversations to the table about truly toxic relationships. Everything said is said very well with some added electric guitar that highlights various parts of the song. A great message and a great song, be sure to save this one to your playlists.

To listen to “Once An Angel” click Here

Song Credit:

Writer: Nikita Madeline Skogen

Producer: Davis Branch

Guitars: Brendan Orchard

Recorded at SongShapeStudio

Stay connected with Nikita Skogen:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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