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Noah Garner’s “Somebody’s Somebody” is RT66’s ‘Song of the Day’ on July 14, 2022

Noah Garner is a Nashville recording artist originally from Dade City, Florida. After his sophomore EP “Spring Break Town,” which landed on many notable playlists and radio, he followed with his single “Somebody’s Somebody.” The song already has over 1,000,000 streams and continues to climb.

And I’ve been burning up this fast lane trying to get gone

But this moving on is taking way too long

And now I find it hard to believe that I could be

Somebody’s Somebody

Impressively the song was written solely by Noah with no co-writer. The inspiration behind the song came from that feeling of wanting to be someone’s “person,” or someone’s “somebody,” as Noah says. The recording of the song is just as raw, beautiful, and vulnerable as it’s lyrics; with only Noah’s vocals and an acoustic guitar. The song speaks for itself and stands effortlessly on its own without the need for a giant production. A wonderful concept and one that can be felt by many, “Somebody’s Somebody,” is a truly great song.

To listen to “Somebody’s Somebody” click Here

Song Credits:

Written By: Noah Garner

Produced by: Michael “Benjy” Cruz

Stay connected with Noah Garner:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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