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October Rose found their "Missing Piece"

The country duo of Derek Allan and Leanne Weiss called October Rose has an unmistakable chemistry and a contagious, ‘80s rock-infused sound. She was born in New Jersey, and he was raised in Pittsburgh, but the two found their way to country music together in 2016. Since then, October Rose has captured the attention of millions on social media as they’ve taken fans on a journey into their music and relationship. Aside from viral videos on TikTok and Reels, they have shared the stage with some of country’s big names, earning radio play and TV appearances in several states.

Their latest song “Missing Piece” is intimate and heartfelt, and the newlyweds chose to release the single the week they got married. “This is our wedding song, but we feel like this story isn’t just ours. I think a lot of other couples are going to relate to the words of this song and the triumph that comes with finding that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with,” says Leanne.

The song opens with simple piano and steel guitar, with Derek singing the first two lines, then Leanne singing the rest of the first verse. They mention how life was when they were alone, but now it’s so much better since they are together. They unite in stellar harmonies, with guitar and percussion added, during the chorus:

You're my missing piece

The better part of me

Without you I'm incomplete

Half of my whole

The key to my soul and all I need

It took a little while

But it's clear now I can see

You're my missing piece

Derek says, “We kept the production on this version simple so that our listeners could really absorb the emotional content, and if they so choose, use this for those special moments in their relationship where words alone aren’t enough.”

Leanne opens the second verse, followed by Derek, as they are promising each other to remain part of each other’s life. The instruments build, but the piano and steel guitar remain dominant. Derek and Leanne vocalize to extend the chorus.

The bridge features only piano and synth behind each one singing a line to explain what the other person means to them. They repeat the chorus again as the music swells, and they vocalize again to show their unity. The final line of the song gives the steel guitar a third harmony, and ends on a sliding note up. Life really does look up, once you find your Missing Piece.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and thanks for sharing your love for each other through your music.

Click here to listen to "Missing Piece"

Song Credits:

Writers: Derek Allan, Leanne Weiss

Producer/Engineer: Chris Badami, Portrait Recording Studios, NJ

Mastered by: Adam Ayan

Piano/Synth/Percussion: Chris Badami

Steel Guitar: Matt Koziol

Acoustic Guitar: Jason DeGeorge

To stay connected to October Rose:

Artist Website | Instagram | Tik Tok | Facebook

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