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Preston D. Barnes teaches not to build "Castles on Quicksand"

Preston D. Barnes launched his full time UK music career after completing 22 years in the British Army. While he was serving, he visited more 38 countries and was able to sing with several world-renowned artists. In 2016, Preston made it through the blind auditions on “The Voice UK,” getting selected for a team and performing several times on television, which landed him offers to play in some of England’s biggest events.

In 2020, Preston wrote “We Applaud You,” which became the fundraising anthem to appreciate healthcare workers in England, and he recruited several celebrities and the British Army musicians to record it with him. All of the proceeds went to the NHS Charities.

Preston just released his third album, and it features music by some prominent songwriters. His newest single “Castles on Quicksand” opens with a southern rock guitar riff, and Preston’s raspy vocals take over from there. You get immediately hooked in his story telling, the way he can convey emotions without being sappy.

The first verse mentions how he is trying to get closer to her, but she tends to pull away from him. He realizes that her fear is because someone hurt her previously, and she hasn’t allowed herself to heal yet. He tells her to stop covering up her hurt and let it go.

Because you can’t build castles on quicksand

You can’t build bridges on thin air

No you can’t paper over the cracks on a broken heart

And pretend it’s not there

You gotta let the storm break baby

You gotta let the rain fall all around

And when your tears run dry, maybe then you can try

To start all over again

In the second verse, he knows that if he pushes her deeper into a relationship with him, all he’d be doing is building a wall between them. He says that he recognizes the hurt that makes her run away because he’s dealing with his own pain as well.

When he repeats the second chorus, he adds some spontaneous notes and makes the chorus sound new again. He takes a break in the middle of the song, repeating portions of the chorus with just light strings behind him. That ethereal moment sounds like a bridge suspended in the air.

The electric guitar launches back into the driving rock momentum, and Preston repeats the chorus again with some added harmonies. It’s a fun way to approach those emotional lyrics, without becoming bogged down in a slow and sad rhythm. The lively drums and twin guitars keep our heads bopping and toes tapping as he paints a picture of “Castles on Quicksand.”

Click here to listen to “Castles on Quicksand

Song Credit:

Writers: Paul Steven Bliss, Peter Becket, and Stephen Alan Kipner

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