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Robin Winther’s “County Line” released May 6th, 2022

Stockholm-based Robin Winther is a writer, producer and performer within the country music scene. Previous singles such as “Lone Country Nights” and “Moments” have received airplay and attention across Europe, the UK and beyond. Classic country artists such as Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, combined with his love for the Swedish countryside, have inspired his modern, yet unique, country sound.

County Line is an upbeat, modern country track which offers a nostalgic journey and tells the story about how many small choices in life can lead up to a great series of experiences and memories when looking back.

Robin tells us “The demo for the song was written about two years ago by me and my friend Alexander Westin. We didn't quite feel the lyrics and melody back then, but I still enjoyed the production. Earlier this spring I came up with the chorus while driving home from the studio. I had no lyrics at all and when listening to the instrumental, it just popped up in my head. I seem to get inspired while driving, it was just the same with my debut single "Lone Country Nights"”

Winther brings a unique perspective to the country genre with his usage of harmonies and instrumentation which are reminiscent of some of those classic Tom Petty rock hits. This being said, Robin still maintains that traditional country feel.

"County Line" refers to various scenarios and events that he and his significant other experience in life. One line in particular is making love, making plans just like a photograph, put your hand in mine, we’re crossing that county line and ties together the entire identity of the song which seems to really be about having those exciting times and adventures with your ‘one’. This song gives absolutely vibrant energy and is sure to put you in that summer mood even in the dead of winter. An absolute must listen to!

To listen to "County Line" click here.

To stay connected to Robin Winther:

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Song Credits:

Songwriters: Robin Winther and Alexander Westin

Mixer engineer: Robin Winther

Master Enginner: Björn Engelmann

Labels and publishers: Independent

Studio: Studio D6

Producer: Robin Winther

Drums: Anders Lindh

Bas: Gabriel Dahl

Electric guitar: David Henriksson

Acoustic guitar: Robin Winther

Pedal Steel: Niklas Widén

Banjo: Niklas Widén

Keys: Anton Dromberg

Backing vocals: Gabriel Dahl

Lead vocals: Robin Winther

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