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Sandra North’s “Gone,” is RT66’s Throwback Review of the Week

Sandra North, originally raised in Sweden, is now pursuing her musical career in Los Angeles, California. Country music struck a chord within her upon coming to the United States. She released her debut single “Try Again,” in 2019 and during the past year has worked closely with producer-songwriter Juan Abella. Her song “Gone,” sounds like the perfect fusion of both country and rock music. It tells the story of a love gone wrong.

“You took all you could, just like you would

Left my heart in the dirt

Now i want it back, It's just a fact, this bridge i gotta burn

Take your broken parts, it's time I start, deleting all your hurt

You can watch me move along

Cause now I’m gone”

Sandra tells us for many years she has had the concept for the song in her head. She says I wanted a strong independent breakup song or anthem for anyone in a bad relationship that needed to put themselves first again and walk out. I've been there myself at that moment when even at first sight you know you shouldn't get involved but you still do and of course it doesn't end well. I've always felt empowered by songs of this kind as it gives you strength to move on and stand on your own.And the song does just that. The perfect post breakup empowering anthem “Gone” is sure to get you through even the toughest of breakups. Its catchy hook and rhythmic guitar is sure to get stuck in the head of any listener. “Gone” serves up great storytelling, a solid message, and amazing vocals. This isn’t a song you wanna miss.

Song credits:

Sandra North - Lyrics & Lead Vocals

Juan Abella - Producer, Composer, Guitars, Bass, Editing, Backing Vocals

Mark Hylander - Drums

Mikal Reid - Engineer

Alex Fank - Mix and Mastering

To stream “Gone” click Here

Stay connected with Sandra North:

Website | Instagram | YouTube

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