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Savanah Benz is "Tennesse Dreamin' "

Savanah Benz, from North Dakota, records and performs in Nashville every chance she gets. She was inspired to be a singer when she was watching “The Voice” a few years back, and she won the 2019 Minot State Fair talent show with her rendition of “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Since then, she’s been opening for major country artists and recording her original music in between her live solo performances.

Savanah aspires to move to Nashville full time to pursue her goals of a music career. She wrote “Tennessee Dreamin’ “ to describe that ambition and makes several references to Music City in the lyrics.

From the first notes on the steel guitar, followed by an acoustic guitar strum, you know you’re going to get a classic country sound from this young artist. When the drums and electric guitar kick in, you start smiling and dancing in your seat. Her strong drawl sounds authentic as she sings about waiting for her chance to take her guitar aboard the plane to Nashville because the city is calling her.

Cause I'm Tennessee Dreamin', won't stop believing

Wanna be singing under those lights

Ten years don't bother me, as long as I'm happy

Country music's in my blood -- I'm Tennessee Dreamin'

The second verse lists her lifestyle goals, to be playing in honky tonks and writing songs while she’s traveling from one show to the next. She dreams of recording her original music on the famous Music Row and to perform at the Grand Ol’ Opry. In the bridge, she sings that Nashville is far from home, but it’s where she wants to be.

The uptempo song features an electric guitar solo and a fun two-step beat. Savanah’s voice is well suited to the material, and the background vocals add some spice to keep us dancing. Her lyrics flow together well, and her southern pronunciation of the words matches the style and rhythm in the music. We’ll keep enjoying her song while she keeps “Tennessee Dreamin’

Click here to listen to “Tennessee Dreamin’ ”

Song Credits:

Writer: Savanah Benz

Producer: Smith Curry

Engineer: Bobby Holland

Mix Engineer/Vocal Producer: Mark Lonsway

Acoustic Guitar: Mike Waldron

Bass guitar: Craig Young

Drums: Wes Little

Electric Guitar: James Mitchell

Steel Guitar: Smith Curry

Keep up with Savanah at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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