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Siena tells how we like that "Sass"

Originally from Las Vegas, Nashville artist Siena is bringing her fun rocking style to country music. In Vegas, she shared stages with some big names, and now she is excited to have more opportunities in Nashville. Her sound has been described as unapologetic with a spaghetti western style, but her cowgirl roots are authentic. She’s a champion horseback rider, and she even welds her own horseshoes and works in a metals factory when she’s not practicing for the rodeo.

Her debut single “Sass” is a fun girls night out anthem, written to make you sing along while you’re dancing with your friends. I want my audience to know that if ever you’re feeling down, crank up this tune and have yourself a good time,” says Siena.

The song opens with a fun guitar lick, and you know it’s going to be a dancing song. The first verse mentions reasons to go out, since they have been hell all week, saying that it’s gonna be late because the pregame starts at 8. She says you can make him wait, since you’re getting ready for some cowgirl fun in a honky tonk, and adds that you can tell him it’s your birthday.

Dancing on the bar tonight, swinging from the neon lights

Drinks are going down just right

I see you’ll see you like what you see

Livin’ like we’ve got no past, tonight we’re going to make it last

Morning’s going to come too fast

Just tell me how you like that sass

The second verse tells him that he looks like trouble, and they can go slow or fast. She tells him that he needs to bring the heat in case she likes what she sees. She ends each verse like she ends the chorus, with the tag line, “Tell me how you like that Sass.”

Siena’s bridge brings more of a chant sound to the anthem, repeating directions to have a runway walk and saying that no one gets to say how you want it. She adds multiple tracks of herself singing background vocals and echoing herself on the lyrics, sounding like there’s a group of ladies singing along as she embellishes the melody during the repeated chorus. They also added some random conversation noises in the background, making you feel like you’re actually singing along while dancing in a club. How you do like that Sass?

Listen to “Sass” by clicking here

Song Credits:

Writers: Siena Paglia, Don Miggs

Producer: Don Miggs

Keep up with Siena online at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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