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So much fun hanging out with the guys from “Hippies and Cowboys” on “Talk and Tunes” on 4-21-22

Where to even begin with these guys - “Hippies and Cowboys.” Fun is the first word that pops into my head. I had such a fantastic time in just one hour, that I know I want to spend an entire day chilling on the front porch, hanging out, and listening to them play music all day. So allow me to introduce you to the guys that make up this phenomenal southern rock n’ soul-blues band. The one that started it all is the lead singer & guitarist Aaron Sparling, Andrew ‘Lambie’ on lead guitar & vocals, and Scott Metko on drums (who I think looks like Richard Petty if he just wore a cowboy hat), and on bass is Kevin Corbo. Nolan Brown plays piano & guitar but was unable to be with us today.

The guys kicked off the show with their debut release “20 To Life” which you can read all about in our "Song of the Day" blog. As much as I love and appreciate the produced version of the song, I equally love the acoustic version. There is something about the simplicity of it that makes you hone in on the lyrics just a bit more.

While talking with the guys and learning fun little facts, I found out that the really cool bass parts you hear almost did not make it into the song, all in thanks to Kevin drinking just a little too much whiskey, an entire fifth by himself, he admits, during the actual recording session. When Aaron said, “look, man, if you can’t do it, I’m going to” Kevin was like “Nope! Nope, I’m doing it!” A little wake call, Aaron said…Hippies and

Cowboys, what do ya do with them, they said with a laugh.

While filming the video for “20 To Life” (coming soon) some interesting things happened, such as, they almost got arrested for shooting guns and they got an actual gun pulled on them by a drunk 70-year old man that kept getting into the (filming) shot clearly not impressed by “some hippies” being there and wanted them gone! You will certainly want to watch the replay of our show to hear the rest of that story.

“20 to Life” was the first of 4 singles and 2 music videos they have planned to release this year leading up to a full-length album, hopefully, mid-fall. The next single “Baby Won’t You Stop” is due out May 13 and is available for pre-save now, I will put the link below but it is also in their Instagram bio, please go save it, it really helps them out tremendously. When I asked Aaron how he would set this song up for his listeners, he stated “It’s heavy R&B with a soul feel, a time tested groovy song that’ll have your head bopping by the 1st chorus that you’re singing to by the 2nd, definitely, it's a catchy song. It's a lot of ear candy.” And I couldn’t agree more! The only way to hear this number right now, is to go watch/listen to the show I did with “Hippies and Cowboys” so be sure to do that and let us know in the comments what you think of “Baby Won’t You Stop” and don’t forget to go pre-save it now!

To watch our IG show with "Hippies and Cowboys" "Talk and Tunes"

To Listen to “20 To Life” click HERE

To PreSave “Baby Won’t You Stop” click HERE

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