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“Song of the Day” for April 21st, 2022 is..."20 to Life" by Hippies and Cowboys"

Hippies and Cowboys' song “20 to Life,” is not only catchy, but immensely entertaining in its usage of storytelling, combined with various instrumental elements to make it a truly immersive experience emulating the feel of a criminal, or potential criminal on the run. This song starts in with some guitar strumming and then adds in a harmonica which really captures the feeling in the movies where someone is sitting in a jail cell playing the harmonica. I think this was a truly genius idea to add in and set the tone before the first word was even sung. The song tells a tale about a man who has lost his love. This is a feeling that many can relate to in one way or another, however, it takes a dark turn when he begins singing about how if he finds her he is essentially going to kill her and face prison time, hence the title “20 to Life.” Both shocking and catchy this song truly grabs the listener. It also has a swinging blues quality to it and its piano’s rhythmic quality actually made me think of some of Elvis’s work. This song has it all, great storytelling, rhythm, humor, and a shocking storyline that simply cannot be ignored. Absolutely a great one to add to not only your breakup playlist but you might as well add it to your dance, party, and sing at the top of lungs driving down the road playlists!

To Listen to “20 to Life” click HERE


Writer: Aaron Lee Sparling

Source: Blue River Records

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