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Southpaw’s “Whiskey and Whine” is RT66’s ‘New Music Review’ of the Week!

Southpaw are a country music trio made up of lead singer Christine Radlmann and instrumentalists Sean Garnhart and Colin McConnell. They incorporate are a fusion of country music, simmered with rock influences as well as pop and R&B. Their newest song “Whiskey and Wine” is first single from of their forthcoming new album.

“It's Friday night, not a care in sight

Bartender keep 'em comin'

One two three four just like a guitar strummin'

It's a good time when we cross the line

But I'm giving you fair warning

If you whiskey me off my feet tonight

You gotta listen to me whine in the morning”

Christine of Southpaw tells us more about the inspiration behind the song. She says “We were inspired to do a spin on a classic drinking song by writing a hangover song! The challenge was coming up with a way to write about a hangover while still making the lyrics fun and flirty.” This song’s various influences really shine through with rhythmic motown sounds, country vibes, and some rock electric guitar. This song is sure to get you off your feet and dancing. I’d even say this song is the perfect cure to your next hangover.

Song credits

Written, produced, and performed by Southpaw

Stay connected with Southpaw:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Tiktok

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