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Steffi Jeraldo showcases her voice in "My Heart and My Head" (Song of the Day 8-25-22)

Steffi Jeraldo is literally an international artist. She was born and raised in Sweden to parents who emigrated from Romania and Chile. She won the Musik Direkt national Swedish music competition and was featured on Swedish Idol in 2011. In 2013, she moved to Boston to study music at Berklee, which led to her writing “Song for Boston” following the Boston Marathon bombings. That song was featured on The Boston Globe, as well as NBC, CNN, and CBS. She moved to Nashville in 2016 and has been releasing new material frequently.

Her latest single “My Heart and My Head” features a simple arrangement of piano and cello, with no percussion needed. Her lilting voice is able to carry the melody and the emotions behind her lyrics. She sings that he is a good man, a perfect 10 on paper. But there is just something missing.

I’m torn between what I want and what I need

There’s no science that can prove if we’re meant to be

There’s a reason, there’s no rhyme, why we’re hanging by a thread

I’m stuck between my heart and my head

The second verse is subtle like the first, mentioning plans they have made together. Unfortunately, she just has doubts about their future. After the second chorus, she sings the bridge, saying “I could leave or I could stay, but something’s gotta change. I want to know a love that takes my breath away.” The cello becomes more abrupt and frantic as if she’s at a turning point in her mind.

The last chorus begins a cappella, and the emotions of her lyrics shine through. She’s almost pleading in her voice and asking herself what she should do. She really is stuck between “My Heart and My Head.”

Click here to listen to “My Heart and My Head

Song Credits:

Writers: Sean Trainor, Steffi Jeraldo

Producer: Sean Trainor

To Stay Connected to Steffi Jeraldo:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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