Tara Henton’s “Wild Horse” released November 5th, 2021

Tara Henton is a UK-based country artist from Ontario, Canada. She was influenced at an early age by her father’s love for artists such as Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard. She was so motivated growing up that she even went to vocal and piano lessons growing up and used her pocket money to pay for instruments.

Moving to the UK came with the opportunity for Tara to immerse herself in writing and performing more of her own songs, teaching and collaborating with other music-makers, and getting to grips with new instruments, from the recorder to the djembe! These days Tara blends teaching music with performing her self-penned songs to audiences who adore her charismatic stage presence, her upbeat banter, and her unmistakable Canadian country ‘twang’.

'Wild Horse' gives us a smooth, soft country melody. This song is incredibly unique in that it draws parallels to commonalities in love and taming a horse. This lyrical content adds an additional dimension and poetic nature to the song.

I have tried to be patient, I have tried to tame your heart. You pulled away everytime that I get too close…

This chorus especially gives encorporates so any feelings and definitely brushes on that concept of “if you love something let it go,” but with a twist. It makes it more emotive and sad because it sounds like the horse, the metaphor for the lover, very well may not come back.

I’ve got to let this wild horse run, let it ride the wave. I can’t reign you in if you don’t wanna stay. I know it’s just your nature, I can’t make you change. So I’m gonna let you ride, wild horse ride away.

The instrumentation and use of the piano gives it that sorrowful tone while still maintaining a sense of self in understanding the nature of the person she is singing about. This song is a truly poetic and multidimensional piece that most people can relate to in one way or another.

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Song Credits

Songwriters: Kelly Oliver Williams, Tara Leanne Henton

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