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Tolan Shaw is excited to "Meet You"

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

California native Tolan Shaw released his first album in 2013 to glowing reviews. Since then, he’s won "Best Singer-Songwriter" at the San Diego Music Awards, become a Taylor Guitars artist, and has music featured in dozens of film and tv placements. He co-wrote “Could I Love You Any More,” which was recorded as a duet by Filipino star Reneé Dominique and Jason Mraz, and now has 100+ million streams worldwide. Tolan now lives in Nashville but continues to tour nationally, and he feels like he is writing his best music now.

Tolan and his wife Sarah are expecting their first baby, and he is releasing a song about that joy this weekend. In “Meet You”, he sings about the dreams and the responsibility he feels about being a dad. He began writing this song about the roller coaster of emotions he was going through, and he says it took him weeks to be able to sing it without crying.

The song opens with the sound of an ultrasound, and the line When I finally get to meet you, I don’t know what I'll say. There's a slight reggae mood in the guitar strums, and it feels full without being overproduced. With no drums or bass, it has a simple arrangement to let the sentimental vocals shine through.

I’m a little bit impatient, if I’m honest, I’ve been scared

You can take your time, I’m waiting, even if I’m unprepared

I’ve been told the fear will fade and be replaced with something new

When I finally get to meet you

There are no repeated lyrics to form a chorus, but the melody and chord progressions have a noticeable verse and chorus pattern. The second chorus expresses what he hopes for his daughter, and he tells the baby that he wants to be the father, the friend, and one to help as she grows, because “You’ve been all we’ve talked about for the better part of a year.”

When he heard his daughter’s heart the first time, he realized it was the same beats per minute as this song. Tolan says, "The heartbeat became the kick/pulse throughout the song. To take it a step further, we tried to create a really "womb-like" effect with the song, as if a baby was hearing it from in the womb. Hence the swimming, ethereal, and ambient textures in the song. Another fun fact: all of the percussion and drum elements were recorded using contact mics on an acoustic guitar and an early 1900s piano, and every sound created by playing live and analog instruments. A lot of meaning and intention went into every step of the way."

The bridge section features a slightly different melody as he mentions the dreams and the purpose he feels as he becomes a father.

Third chorus explains how he wants to slow down time and savor their minutes together, and how one day he’ll tell the child, “what it means to care about a life more than your own.”

The only repeated lyrics in the whole song are the theme, “when I finally get to meet you”, and the song ends with the percussion of an ultrasound. Congratulations Tolan and Sarah -- you finally get to meet this sweet little girl.

To Listen to "Meet You" click HERE

Song Credits:

Writers: Tolan Shaw, Jared Anderson, Sean Trainor

Musicians: Tolan Shaw, Mark Campbell

Producer: Mark Campbell

To stay connected to Tolan Shaw:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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