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Tom Cary’s “Man I’ve Become” released March 7th, 2022

Tom Cary is both a country singer and songwriter who is not only an amazing talent, but has had multiple accomplishments in his music career. His song “Something in the Whiskey” debuted at #1 on theUK Country iTunes Chart and has paved a way for his current successes in the music industry this year.

Cary’s following release Man I’ve Become is a profound, reminiscent, and full circle piece that puts growing up into a perspective not only based on age, but established from growth and truly who a person is, which is a theme that is core to the human experience. In the first verse, Tom reflects on his hopes and dreams, on who he has become and being proud of that.

“There ain’t no part of me that don’t wanna be the man I’ve become,” and “there ain’t no other way, there ain’t no better wayare two strong lyrics within the chorus that showcase Tom’s songwriting ability in addition to captivating the listener and bringing them on this journey with him.

The second verse progresses - just like growing older does - where Tom describes finding a love to spend his days with while remaining that man he has become. Whether 25 or 95, young or old, this is a truly timeless piece that you’ll want to get added to your playlist.

To listen to “Man I’ve Become” click Here

Song Credits:

Writers: Lauren Bailey, Tom Cary

Production: Gareth Young

To stay connected to Tom Cary:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Website

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