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Torrey McDowell reminds us that "It Gets Better"

Georgia native Torrey McDowell loved music and choir as a child, and she began writing songs in elementary school. She landed a vocal scholarship to Piedmont College and has since moved to Nashville where she plans to use her MBA to help out in the music business. In her own recordings, she intentionally selects songs to that carry a purpose and can provide healing to the listeners.

Her latest single, “It Gets Better” captured her interest the first time she heard it. Torrey says, “It provides relief for the challenges and hard times we have all experienced at some point and gives listeners something to hold onto. There will be a new day and that new can get better. It is nice to know that this is possible, especially during times of sadness.

The song opens with guitar strums and immediately feels like putting on a comfortable pair of boots. Her clear voice mentions that she can’t be the only person who feels lost and lonely in the world. But she hopes that one day, she’ll see it differently.

Oh the days like this don’t last too long

Oh and I’ll be fine the day they’re gone

Tell me it gets better, that this hurt don’t last forever

One day life will be so great I won’t remember

All the nights I laid up crying, wishing somebody

Would tell me It gets better, it gets better

The second verse continues sharing her hope that the future will be different. She knows that there is a light in the dark to guide us, and she’ll find it someday.

The instrumental break after the second chorus features a guitar solo, and the instruments back off when she launches into the chorus again. The mandolin takes a stronger role in the arrangement, as she repeats the lyrics.

The song is singable and compact and doesn’t need a large production. There’s no crazy high note or a loud rock solo, just a basic country song sung by a sweet voice. The message of hope isn’t overshadowed by any clutter, while the song still maintains a commercial feel. You can imagine driving a back road with the windows down, singing along, as easily as you can imagine playing it through earbuds on a commuter train. And Torrey will remind us that if you are in a hard place right now, “It Gets Better.”

Click here to listen to “It Gets Better

Song Credits:

Songwriter: Cole Miracle, Producer: Christian Harger

To Stay Connected to Torrey McDowell:

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