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Tyler Kuhner keeps rocking "Until We Play Again"

Tyler Kuhner from Chilicothe, Ohio started out as a teen rocker, but graduated to country music in his 20s. He grabbed his first guitar at age 14 and hasn’t stopped practicing yet. He describes his music as modern country rock with a hint of pop and fun, upbeat story telling.

Tyler’s brother Tristan Miller was a fellow musician and co-songwriter, but tragically passed away in 2017 at age 17. Tyler has other singles inspired by his brother, and this one is no different, although the loss he sings about could be any friend or loved one.

Until We Play Again” is a rocking song, starting with the intro of an electric guitar over a solid drumbeat. Tyler uses an analogy of musical instruments to represent friends trying to find their way. He says we were drums and strings, and we had something to say.

I hear our song, but I can’t change it

I feel the pain and can’t walk away

The record’s ending with no encore

They can ask what I’m playing for

Don’t count me out, count me in

There will be a day when I’ll see you my friend

Don’t count me out, count me in

I’ll play for you until we play again

The second verse describes the loss as his friend passed away. He says that walking alone in life, I feel your heart and hear your voice, even though you’ve sung your final song. They say nothing lasts forever until we play again.

There’s a nice electric guitar solo after the second chorus, with just a touch of vocalizing behind it. The instruments back away at the end, as Tyler tags the last line of the chorus with just vocals and acoustic guitar, a fitting way to reference the friend who isn’t there to sing anymore.

It’s a lovely idea to use music as a symbol of the connection between friends. Instead of saying we’ll meet again someday, Tyler simply says, “Until We Play Again.”

Click here to here “Until We Play Again”

Song Credits:

Writer: Tyler Kuhner

Follow Tyler online at: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

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