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Al David’s “Jukebox Time Machine” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 06-30-2022

Originally from California, Al David is a country artist who moved to Nashville, Tennessee during the pandemic of 2020. Al hopes to make a headway in what is known as a “ten year town,” by consistently releasing quality music that can be backed by his captivating performances. Al’s newest song “Jukebox Time Machine” comes out on Friday July 8th.

“And I get that peaceful easy feeling holding the girl with the sparkling earrings

Riding shotgun with the top down on a two-lane road and we're nowhere bound

Hit the breaks for the sunset kissing yeah tonight we take it to the limit

I can still smell her perfume in that back seat

It just takes a couple quarters to bring her back to me in the old jukebox time machine”

Al tells us “The inspiration for this song is a combination of my love for the Eagles and how I feel about music in general. The Eagles are probably my favorite band of all time, if not at least top 2 of all time. The part about how I feel about music in general is that to me, and for a lot of people, music can serve as a metaphorical time machine.” With memorable lyrics and a catchy hook, “Jukebox Time Machine,” is un-ironically an incredibly timeless piece and one to be remembered. Al’s rock influences can clearly be heard in his uses of instrumentation throughout the song while still maintaining those solid country roots that we all know and love. Al has truly found a sound unique to him and captivating to all who listen.

Song credits:

Written by: Al David and Jonny Houlihan

Produced by: Jason Haag Music

To Pre-Save “Jukebox Time Machine” click Here

Stay connected with Al David:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok | Facebook

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