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Amanda Page Cornett’s “Someone to Miss Me” is RT66’s Song of the Day for 07-12-2022

Amanda Page is a songwriter, singer and actress originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina. She has had a passion for performing even before the age of 9. Now living in Nashville, Tennessee Amanda is continually pursuing her musical dreams, refining her skills and has developed her unique “southern rock ‘n’ soul” sound, combining country, rock, blues, and soul.

Amanda tells us her song “Someone to Miss Me,” is a very personal one. sharing with us “The idea came one evening when I returned home from a gig, after an amazing show, and genuinely thought, “I wish I had someone to miss me” (other than my pups). Ha! I took the idea into a writing session with Mark Narmore & Carl Holder in Muscle Shoals, and it almost wrote itself. After recording a full band demo of the song, Mark and I decided we loved the piano/vocal version best, so that's how we recorded it for Front Porch Rebel…grand piano and vocals…live in the same room! It was magical! Songs don't always come from first hand experience, but the rawest highs and lows in life can truly

produce the most authentic, relatable songs!

Sometimes I wish I had

someone to miss me

Someone who would worry

if I didn’t make it home

One who lives just to kiss me

Oh, I wish I had someone to miss me

Oh, I wish I had someone to miss me

With bluesy piano and soulful vocals “Someone to Miss Me” is a truly unique piece to the country genre and Amanda brings a lot to the table. truly beautiful song and one that many have felt at one point or another Amanda perfectly conveys every emotion with her fabulous and powerful vocals.

To listen to “Someone to Miss Me” click Here

Song credits: Writers

Mark Narmore-Oven Music Inc (BMI) Carl Holder-Spooner Oldham music (BMI) Amanda- Sugar Beets Music (SESAC)

Vocals - APC/Mark Narmore – Grand Piano

Recording engineer: Cody Simmons

Mixing engineer: Jimmy Nutt

Producers: Amanda Page Cornett & Randall Scott Peterson

Recorded at The NuttHouse Recording Studio in Sheffield, AL (Muscle Shoals)

Stay connected with Amanda Cornett:

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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