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Broadtree’s “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” is Rt66’s ‘Song of the Day & Week' for June 2, 2022

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

After a whirlwind first year that saw the duo release their debut album, 5 singles, and complete a 23-date tour, Broadtree continues their momentum with their strongest single yet. Combining country influence with their signature theatrical flair, “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” promises to be their catchiest release so far, making a strong statement about their newfound place in the Canadian country music landscape.

I got to speak with Nicole and Armand of Broadtree recently about the inspiration behind there their latest single and this is what they had to say. “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” (or Miss Me, as we often refer to it) came from a combination of wanting to write a fun, summer country anthem, a story about an ex you can’t get rid of combined with our love of musical theatre (the show Waitress played a part in shaping the characters of this song). The verses in the song were originally the chorus and it all started with “It’s Friday night” and the knowledge of that late-night text of a harmless but annoying ex hoping to charm his/her way back in. Rather than bitter or angry, we found a lot of humor in this one while still staying true to the country song we wanted to create from the start.

“You only miss me cause I’m gone

The moment I put those glass slippers back on

I know Prince Charming disappears

So I’ll brush off all the years

We wasted trying to make it work

Cause deep down you’re still a jerk

You only miss me cause I’m gone”

Broadtree has a way of making me laugh or cry with their music! Their theatrical background comes through not only in the performance of their songs but also in their lyrical stying as well. To be able to take a song with a serious storyline and turn it into a fun and upbeat empowerment anthem is a true gift!

The intro leads us into the song nicely with Nicole and Armand’s tuneful and expressive vocals captivating our attention with their punchy lyrics. The instrumentation in this piece was right on point with the intended engaging delivery of this sure-to-be summer jam. A must-have on your driving, sing-a-long playlist!

To listen to “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” click Here

To watch the “You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” lyric video click Here

To stay connected to Broadtree click Here

Song Credits

Written by: Nicole McCafferty and Armand Antony

Performed by: Broadtree

Lead Vocals: Nicole McCafferty

Backing Vocals: Armand Antony

Acoustic Guitars: Armand Antony

Electric Guitar & Banjo: Jeff Brown

Pedal Steel: Riley Himmrich

Bass: Jesse McCormick

Drum Programming: Armand Antony

Produced by: Nicole McCafferty and Armand Antony

Mixed and Mastered by: Sean Andrews

Publicist: Eric Alper (Eric Alper PR)

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