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Cole Hartley’s Song “Mama, Daddy, and Jesus” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day/Week’ for 06-16-22

Alpine, Utah native Cole Hartley is a Nashville based independent country singer songwriter. Some of his biggest music inspirations include bands ranging from local Utah country band “Due West” to mainstream artists like George Strait and Eric Church. Cole’s faith is important to him as he served a two year-long mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Dallas, Texas, where he gained a deeper appreciation for Christ, brisket, Blue Bell ice cream, and country music.

The inspiration for Cole’s latest single “Mama, Daddy, and Jesus,” he tells us “came to me while in a college English class as a sophomore at Utah State University. We were instructed to do an 8 minute fast write at the start of class, where we wrote down what ever popped into our heads. For me, it was the first verse and chorus of the song. So I went home and put everything else off until I finished it. Plus I’ve always wanted to give my parents a tribute song for all they’ve done for me, and this was a perfect way for me to pay them tribute as well as give the Good Lord some deserved attention.”

“One taught me all about fishin,

One taught me all about wishin on the stars and the Moon

And how hard work pays its dues,

One taught me about lovin one another,

How everyone around me is a sister or a brother,

and Promised us that he is coming back soon,

Yeah I owe it all, to the ones who are called,

Mama, Daddy, and Jesus.”

Cole’s voice has a stunning and deep tone with a nice country flare. He perfectly narrates his story giving a beautiful tribute to his parents and Jesus through song. It’s touching to the heart and gives a deep appreciation acknowledging all that family and Christ contributes to our lives. An absolutely loving expressive song that everyone should listen to.

To listen to “Mama, Daddy, and Jesus” click Here

Song Credits:

Songwriter: Cole Hartley

Producers: Skyler Taylor and Andrew King

Lead Guitar: Andrew King

Keys: Billy Nobel

Drums: Evan Hutchins

Bass: Luis Espaillat

Acoustic Guitar/ Steel Guitar: Andy Ellison

Stay connected with Cole Hartley:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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