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Kade Bradley’s “Havin’ You Gone” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day/Week’ for 06-23-22

Kade Bradley is a 21 year old country artist from Manchester, Ohio. Always having a passion for music he taught himself to play guitar at 17, began writing his own songs and has since been making musical accomplishments, including being an opener for Walker Montgomery and Little Texas. Kade's latest release “Havin’ You Gone” was inspired by a breakup that he had gone through. An experience that co-writer Savannah MacDowell could relate to as well and they're sure many others have shared the same thoughts and feelings.

“I don’t care that you walked out

Yeah girl I got no doubt

That I’ll be just fine,

You were just a waste of time

And it ain’t gonna be too long

before you come Crawling along

Wanting me back

Well it ain’t gonna work like that

And if you think so, well you’re wrong

Cause baby I’m better off having you gone”

While Kade tells us the song was written originally to cope with the breakup, he adds that "instead of heartbreak, it’s like realizing there is an up-side to HER leaving and that you’re better off having whoever it is GONE...”

A lot of break-up songs are sad, the kind you want to listen to cause your feeling lonely but not this one, it's upbeat and grabs your attention. This number is both sassy and fun, the perfect breakup anthem for anyone going through this situation. The song’s dancey rhythm and percussive electric guitar is sure to make you want to jam out. With a great hook and a notable message “Havin’ You Gone” is a perfect sing-along song to add to your playlist.

To listen to “Havin’ You Gone” click Here

Song Credits:

Written By: Kade Bradley and Savannah MacDowell

Sam Hunter (guitar) Nathan Sexton (drums)

Recorded in Nashville at OmniStudios

Stay connected with Kade Bradley:

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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