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Megan Knight's “Take It To The Grave” is Rt66 "Song of the Day" for Tuesday April 19, 2022

Megan Knight’s latest release “Take it to the Grave” has an awesome, dark, and cinematic vibe. It tells the story of unrequited love. It perfectly captures the essence of the feeling one is left with a “one-sided” love, especially the haunting late nights of being unable to sleep. She sings about some things being better left unsaid and taking those feelings and thoughts to the grave. The musicality perfectly captures the essence of the emotion of the song. It is truly an eerily haunting yet beautiful piece while still maintaining catchiness. Megan’s voice suites the tune flawlessly with a gorgeous, full tone with just enough country sound. Her storytelling capability is also fabulous in the way that she sets the scene at the beginning of this number giving a folklore tale type feeling, which is quite genius in the sense that folklore often has some dark tales which perfectly mirror her own dark tale of unrequited love. This track is certain to have one singing along by the end of it. An absolute gem.

Listen to "Take It To The Grave"HERE

“Take It To The Grave” Credits

Writer(s) Megan Knight, James Leblanc, and Jimmy Nut

To read more on Megan - see the other Blogs about her on our Website and on our Instagram, as well as her socials.

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