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October Rose’s “Heart Can’t Lie (Piano Version)” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 06-27-2022

October Rose is a country duo consisting of Jersey-born LeAnne Weiss and Pittsburg-raised Derek Allan. They formed their duo in October of 2016 and have had much success since, opening for the likes of Jimmie Allen, Jake Owen, Russell Dickerson and more! With their massive social media success on their single “Heart Can’t Lie,” with millions of views, the duo decided to release a piano version of the song.

“Cause we might fight but a heart can’t lie

Ain’t nothing in this world

that will tear me away from your side

We could try to live separate lives

But at the end of the day

I’ll be the one holding you tight oh

‘Cause a heart can’t lie

No a heart can’t lie”

The duo says “We wanted our fans to experience a different emotional take on the song.” They also say that the song is about staying strong as a couple. Having only the piano and vocals, this rendition of “Heart Can’t Lie” gives much vulnerability and emotion through its sound which is directly reflective of its lyrics. The duo gives an absolutely incredible performance and new take on the single with this acoustic version of their massive hit. Masterfully crafted, this rendition of “Heart Can’t Lie,” is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any listener.

To listen to “Heart Can’t Lie (Piano Version) click Here

Song Credits:

Written by: Derek A. Gabrish & Leanne Weiss

Produced, Mixed, Engineered, & Mastered by: Chris Badami, Portrait Recording Studios

Piano by: Ferdinando Mongelli

Stay connected with October Rose:

Website | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

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