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Rob Fitzgerald revs up to "Enjoy the Ride"

Canadian born Rob Fitzgerald has been working and recording in Nashville since lockdown ended. His music has been rapidly hitting the US Country charts. Prior to performing in Nashville songwriter venues, he was featured in music festivals in Toronto. He’s appeared on several TV shows including “Canada Sings” and won several international songwriting competitions.

Because Rob is partnered with AMG Publishing, his music is played in more than 750,000 restaurants and bars across North America. In 2018, he also secured multiple sync licensing deals for TV with the Discovery Network, NASCAR Channel, and other networks. He is constantly releasing new music, gaining international radio play, and launching a tour.

His latest release “Enjoy the Ride” was written during the lockdown as a reminder for us “to travel a new path worth living for and making the journey, not the destination, the priority.” He wanted to have a feel-good song during a time filled with by bad news.

The song opens with a classic country sound from the twang of the steel guitar, the fiddle, and Rob’s solid voice. The first verse mentions a phone call he received with bad news about a lifelong friend. Now he realizes he’s been wasting time by making plans, not knowing what the future holds. He says we should begin living life while we can.

Let’s get into the car and drive, take the 108 to the 405

Windows down, breathing in, every winding mile

Life’s a journey not a destination

No regrets on the celebration

Time is short. we can’t stop it even if we tried

So we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride

The second verse continues the theme about driving across the US, mentioning landmarks like the coastal highway in California, New Orleans, New York, and enjoying seeing the country with the person he loves. The highways he mentions in the chorus would require starting in California and ending up on the New York/Cananda border.

The chorus features a constant harmony, and the uptempo bridge continues that happy feel. When Rob sings, “there’s a whole world out there waiting for you, let’s throw those dreams in gear,” you can imagine throwing your suitcase in the car and joining in the song. Even if you can’t dance in the car, you can sure “Enjoy the Ride.”

Click here to listen to “Enjoy the Ride

Song Credits:

Writers: Rob Fitzgerald, Sarah Peterson

Source: Riverbend Recordings

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