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Song of the Day May 12th: Emily Faye - 'When It Comes to Leaving'

Emily Faye takes the hearts of country-pop connoisseurs and novices by storm. The UK-based songsmith succeeds at creating pop infused sunny yet sweetly fierce songs that rightfully earned her acclaim from Rolling Stones magazine: labelled as 'a new country artist you need to know’. Emily is bridging the gap between country and pop with a firm storytelling vision in both her musical beginnings and forthcoming releases. Faye's dauntless reimagined take on her 2020 single 'Fearless' effortlessly shows her versatility in contrast to her latest single ‘Summer Feeling’ BBC Introducing track of the week.

When It Comes To Leaving’ was written with Jess Thristan via Zoom, in lockdown, during COVID-19. It stems from that feeling when you have to leave the ones you love, and how when it gets to the point of saying goodbye all you want to do is stay.

This song has given me great comfort in the times I’ve had to say goodbye to my loved ones, which is rather often due to my fiance living in Jersey Channel Islands, and my family living in England.

The song offers a somewhat sad story while maintaining a flowy, yet dance-esque, movement. The song is about a long distance love and not wanting to leave when it’s time to say goodbye - for Emily, this is most significant as she currently lives between her Family home on mainland UK, and her fiancé in Jersey. Through her lyrics, Emily is an excellent storyteller and expands upon her ideas as the story progresses from verse one to verse two and it all is tied perfectly with her chorus:

When it comes to leaving, all I wanna do is stay. When it comes to goodbye I just want another day. Back to believing I just gotta touchdown then I’ll be okay. When it comes to leaving, all I wanna do is stay.

These bittersweet lyrics perfectly capture the bitter sweetness of long distance love. Whilst the lyrics capture the sadness, the up-tempo and rhythmic instrumentation captures the sweetness of the piece and having someone worth missing. Whether it’s a best friend, significant other, or family member, we have all been bound by distance at one point or another and this is the perfect long distance anthem.

Song Credits

Songwriters: Emily Faye & Jessica Thristan

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