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Zach Cornell’s song “Stay Awhile,” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 06-14-22

Zach Cornell is a country artist from Texas. After moving away to college in 2014, Zach’s passion for music grew stronger and led him to move to Nashville in 2018. Zach’s song “Stay Awhile” came to be after Zach had listened to some live recordings of Keith Whitley and became set on a bit of a “bluegrass kick.”

Zach says “I thought it would make a great love song, so I got to thinking about the early days of dating my wife. I mean the real early days where you're trying to be a good guy, but also wanting to spend the night, and I remember that being a fun little back and forth for those first few dates. Once I got to thinking of that, the song really wrote itself in about half an hour, and it's been a crowd favorite ever since.”

“Let me stay awhile

And we'll talk about dreams and diamonds

And I'll play awhile

And I'll sing a little song for you”

While still remaining Country, Zach’s song has obvious bluegrass and folk roots that can be heard through its distinguishable tune and instrumentation choices. A perfect marriage between the country and bluegrass genres, Zach Cornell’s “Stay Awhile” will satisfy the ears of both bluegrass and country fans alike. “Stay Awhile” is a great feel-good love song both perfect for dancing and singing along with.

To listen to “Stay Awhile” click Here

Song Credits:

Zach Cornell - Writer, Vocals

Jack Gavin - Production and Drums

Kevin Willis - Engineer

Kent Wells - Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Mike Daly - Pedal Steel Guitar

Jake Clayton - Fiddle

Stay connected with Zach Cornell:

Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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